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Weekly Wednesday: Three Favorite Instagrammers

I’ve followed these accounts for quite some time and I’m always left inspired by the amazing content they create and share within their respective communities, not to mention their unique aesthetics behind each post.

The first feed I adore is from @Simply_Kenna. I originally found her through her Youtube channel, but really liked how she managed to visually incorporate warm tones of Fall into most of her blogs as well as her Instagram. She also photographs little Do-It-Yourself projects that are fun and easy to make! 🙂


Next up is @ElsieLarson, the lovely lady behind the scenes at A Beautiful Mess. She is actually in the middle of renovating her new home with her husband. It’s been so awesome to look at the sneak peeks of the spaces she’s dreaming up, which I’ve sort of been going through in my own home recently. She’s definitely making me rethink wallpaper!

Screen Shot 2016-09-21 at 9.06.44 PM.png

Third is @DR.Malfitano, a woman with many talents who currently resides in Louisiana with her husband. Her unique style immediately attracted me as she looks like a dream out of a much earlier era. Not to mention, the love she shares with her significant other is absolutely enthralling, so what’s not to adore?!


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