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Weekly Wednesday // 08.30.17

So I know Wednesdays aren’t usually the favorite of the weekdays… it seems like we are dangling between the same old routine of work schedules, household chores, grocery shopping, etc., with the glittering promise of exciting weekend plans and much-needed downtime barely out of reach. But with the season finale of Game of Thrones and this upcoming Labor Day weekend, Winter is definitely on its way! I am looking forward to the holiday season and slowly-but-surely decorating my home with all the bright oranges, yellows, and browns of Fall while bringing out my ever-growing collection of Halloween decor. Even though we don’t usually get too much cold weather here in Florida, I plan on making the most of whatever we are blessed with!

Here are a few things that have caught my eye this past week through Pinterest, Tumblr, and the like. I know these posts are a bit scatterbrained at times, but I really hope you all find something that you can connect with and enjoy, too! 🙂

// Calligraphy Alphabet Stencils \\

Traits Pour Traits // Tumblr
Terrazzo Dream Floors… //
… and Exposed Beams! // Eclec Chic
Studio Joop


Some mid-week motivation // Culture Trip


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