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Thrifty Treasures: Fun Finds from Goodwill

Hi, everyone – happy Tuesday! Ever since I chose to become self-employed and be my own boss in every sense of the word, make my own hours, and pick up online reselling as a hobby. It has been at least almost a full year since I’ve begun doing this full-time, and I’ve had the opportunity to curate different types of apparel and accessories in order to fill my store. While it is quite easy to go a bit wild in the beginning and almost buy out the entire store, you learn to look for what will be a good return on your investment (time x money) and what might take longer to sell – for example, you can’t sell a two-piece swimsuit in the middle of a snowstorm. 😅 Really, who doesn’t love going through and picking gorgeous pieces out for cheap?! I know I do; I always daydream of what sort of life I might lead in all the different dresses or statement shoes. ❣️ Anyway, enough of my rambling… here are a few pretty things I’ve come across this past week while thrifting!


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